How to Book

You can choose the accommodation unit that will best meet your wishes and needs in two ways:

  • on their own, using one of the five offered search options on our site or
  • contacting our sales department, which will, after an introductory introduction, recommend a number of facilities that best meet your criteria.

As you browse our site, you can click the My Choice button next to each item that catches your eye. By clicking on the mentioned button, the selected object is stored in a virtual database that you create, which contains only those objects that best meet your criteria.

Your selection remains preserved, and access to the specified database is possible at any time, but only from the computer on which the search was performed, if you searched our database as an anonymous user.

Once you have formed your shortlist, make a complete and detailed overview of the selected objects by clicking on the link review of my selection. A systematic and comparative display of selected accommodation units will greatly help you to easily find the facility that best meets your criteria.

After the final selection, it is necessary to register your interest in a particular object by filling out the reservation form. In order for further processing of your request to be possible at all, it is important that you enter all the information required of you in the required fields.

Immediately after sending the completed booking form, the screen will load an automatically generated calculation with all items and associated costs, and the amount to be paid for booking the registered accommodation unit. When listing the calculation, you will be offered two options; cancellation of registration or confirmation of reservation.

If you decide to confirm the reservation, the completed form will reach our sales department. Immediately upon receipt of the booking form, our staff will contact the owner of the registered accommodation unit to, before final submission of the estimate, check whether the situation on the Internet corresponds to reality, or whether the registered reservation is possible at all.

Immediately after the approval of the received reservation request, we will send the final estimate to your e-mail address or fax machine. In the proforma invoice itself, all costs will be clearly stated, as well as the amount you need to pay to confirm the reservation. Only the payment will be made in accordance with the method and dynamics of payment published on our website.

For the final confirmation of the sent application, it is necessary to make the payment of the reservation within 24 hours after receiving the final estimate. Exceeding the stated deadline by the guest may result in overbooking, for which the agency is not responsible, but undertakes to offer the guest replacement accommodation of the same quality.

Immediately after the payment, it is necessary to forward the notification by e-mail ( or fax (+385 (0) 22 200-551, or +385 (0) 22 338-550, +385 (0) 22 338- 540, +385 (0) 22 331-350) agency.

After checking the payment or authorization of your credit card, we will send you all the necessary information about the reservation by e-mail. We will send a written confirmation of the reservation to your address.

The received confirmation of the advance payment (or voucher for the hotel) is also your written proof that you have secured accommodation on the Adriatic for the coming summer.