General Terms


NIK TOURIST SERVICE d.o.o. mediates and makes reservations on behalf of and for the account of the service provider and thus provides accommodation to guests according to the information available on the website , except in exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, terrorist acts, sanitary disorders , natural disasters, interventions of the competent authorities, etc.).

NIK TOURIST SERVICE d.o.o., Ante Šupuka 5, 22000 Šibenik, VAT: HR19091983874  (hereinafter the agency), guarantees that the authenticity of pictorial records and data related to the characteristics of accommodation units from its offer, which is available on the website - , as well as for the truthfulness of the conditions under which they are offered.

By paying for one or more accommodation units from our program, you establish a legal relationship with us, and thus confirm that you agree with the general conditions of accommodation services in hotels and private facilities of individuals, which are given to you on this occasion. Everything published in the arrangement is a legal obligation for both the guest and the agency. These terms and conditions are the basis for resolving any disputes that may arise between us, and we therefore ask you to read them.


Applications for booking accommodation are sent electronically by filling out the form available on the web site or are sent to the offices of our agency and the offices of our partner agencies that are authorized to sell accommodation from our offer. When registering, the guest is obliged to state all the information required in the reservation form, ie when registering in our office or branches of NIK authorized representatives to provide all the documents necessary to perform the prescribed procedure.

After we receive your booking confirmation, we will send you an advance payment offer. The reservation is valid with an advance payment of at least 30%.

After receiving the advance payment, you will receive a confirmation of payment of the advance which contains all the necessary information about the reservation.

For hotel accommodation and for apartments / rooms in private accommodation the remaining 70% of the client (guest) is obliged to pay no later than 14 days before arrival.

If arrival is within 14 days, the full amount must be paid within 24 hours to confirm the reservation.


In order to confirm the registered reservation, the guest pays an advance. The minimum percentage of the advance payment is 30%, and can be higher depending on the offer to offer.

By paying the reservation, the guest confirms that he is fully acquainted with all the characteristics and conditions under which a particular accommodation unit is offered. By the act of booking payment, everything stated in these conditions becomes a legal obligation for both the guest and the agency. If the arrival is within 14 days, you must pay the full amount within 24 hours to confirm the reservation.


The prices published on the "" pages vary from facility to facility, and are displayed next to each accommodation unit. The listed prices include:

For hotels: half board service and other services described with each hotel

For apartments in private accommodation: daily rent of accommodation units, bed linen, towels, tablecloths and kitchen towels, equipped kitchen (unless it is a room without renting a kitchen) with the necessary utensils and cooking utensils, food and drink, water consumption, electricity, gas and cleaning of the apartment once a week. Tourist tax is not included in the price and it is charged separately per person per day and its price depends on the age of the guest and the season.

Special services are services provided by a hotel or facility with apartments in private accommodation, which are not included in the basic price (catering services, rental of sports fields, boats,…), and therefore the guest pays separately.

Optional services are services provided by the agency and are not related to the offer of the rented accommodation unit. They are paid directly to the agency in the national currency of the country where the service is provided.

Prices of accommodation units are published in euros.

All prices are for a stay of seven nights. For stays shorter than seven days, the consent of the agency is required. If it is a stay shorter than four nights, the prices are increased by 30%.

In case of a change in the price of a certain accommodation unit after the registration, and before the advance payment is made, the agency undertakes, immediately after its knowledge, to inform the guest about it, and with his consent, send him a new bill.

In case of price change after the advance payment, the agency guarantees the guest that the remaining part will be calculated and paid at the prices that were valid at the time of advance payment for that accommodation unit.


Offered accommodation units: hotels, apartments and rooms in private accommodation are described according to the official categorization of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia and the County Office for Tourism at the time of issuing the work permit