Boat Tour to Blue & Green Cave

Boat Tour to Blue & Green Cave

Perfect way to spend a sunny summer day is to go on a boat tour to famous BLUE & GREEN CAVES.

Departure to Blue Cave

Fortunately, departure for this excursion is possible from several destinations. If your accommodation is in Vodice, Srima, Šibenik, Solaris (Amadria park) or Primošten our kind skipper will pick you up for big adventure!

Departure with the speedboat from Vodice at 07:00 AM. (a little later in other destinations, on agreement)

First destination Blue Cave

The first station of this daily excursion is unique natural phenomena of the Adriatic sea, the Blue Cave which is the most attractive landmark of the island Biševo.

The cave has two openings; one is smaller, artifically pierced through which a boat can pass, and the other one is a lot wider, on the south side of the cave, below sea levels. Through that underground opening, the sunlight comes in, and it passes through the water, first breaking and then bouncing on the cave's bottom. This leads to a specific phenomennon of blue and silver sea shades, which depending the time of day and the light angle, connect into one.

We will tell you a little secret. Even though it is prohibited to take a swim inside the cave, you can put your hand in the sea and watch as the light silver color takes over. To put it shortly, some beauties can't be described, they can only be experienced.

Next stop Komiža - Vis

The next stop is the island Vis and the cuty Komiža, which is located only 5 nm from the Blue Cave. Komiža is most famoust for it's fishermans. The sunny side of the island, which is hidden from the cold northern winds beacuse it is located in the base of the Hum hill, is also famous as one of the sunniest places on the Adriatic with 2600 sunny hours.

The mediterian architecture of Komiža is filled with cobbled houses, narrow streets and beautiful beaches. On the coast around the harbor, there are souvenir shops, reastaurants and caffe bars in which you can have lunch with the rest of the tourists and locals.

Famous beach Stiniva

We move on, but we stay on Vis. We go to the cove Stiniva, the most beautiful bay in all Europe. Stiniva Bay, since 1967 it is a protected part of nature in Croatia under the status of a significant landscape. This bay was formed during the ice age, when the sea level was 120 meters lower than today.

The remains of the vaults have been transformed into beaches, and on the edge parts of cliffs we can find stalactited which were created at the same time as the acves. The beach is made from bigger boulders, and the sea is extremely calm. Some worldly known movies have been made in this idealistic, lonely cove.

'If you’re still thinking about where to go this summer, paradise is definitely waiting for you at Stiniva beach, Croatia.’ – writes the British Daily Mail in 2016. when Stiniva beach was chosen for the most beautiful beach in Europe among 300 European beaches.

Green Cave

Green Cave is an unavoidable and last address on our little trip. The cave is located on Rabnik Island, a short distance from Vis Island. Ravnik Island is a small uninhabited island, and its popularity is mainly due to the presence of green caves hidden in its belly. This is a scratched cave that has two entrances and an opening at the top that allows light to enter and changes the color of the seabed to green.

So, pack your bags and let's go! Book a whole day for these fascinating images!


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Boat Tour to Blue & Green Cave

Boat Tour to Blue & Green Cave


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